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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Agriculture's Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Learn about the amount of carbon reductions that can be achieved in Oklahoma using standard conservation practices and the income it can generate.

CropsEnvironmental Issues - Farming & RanchingEnvironmental Policy
Fact Sheet
The Impact of Consuming Beef on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

An overview of the environmental impact that beef production and consumption has on greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Issues - Farming & RanchingEnvironmental Policy
Fact Sheet
Evaluating the Impacts of Oil and Gas Activity:Hydraulic Fracturing in Selected Oklahoma Counties

An overview of basic information for Extension professional sand local public managers about oil and gas activities in Oklahoma.

Energy ProductionEnvironmental Policy
Fact Sheet
Pollution Prevention at Exploration and Production Sites in Oklahoma

This circular presents Best Management Practices for road construction, erosion control, and pollution prevention at typical exploration and production sites in Oklahoma.

Environmental Issues - Commercial FacilitiesEnvironmental Policy
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
The Carbon Footprint of U.S. Beef Compared to Global Beef

Learn about the carbon footprint that the U.S.’s beef cattle production industry has on the environment compared to the rest of the world.

Environmental Issues - Farming & RanchingEnvironmental Policy
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