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Pollution Prevention at Exploration and Production Sites in Oklahoma

Clean water is one of Oklahoma’s most valuable natural resources. Oil and gas exploration and production sites can degrade this resource. Of particular concern is erosion of seismic survey lines, access roads, and drilling and production sites. However, with the application of common sense and low-cost best management practices (BMPs), these activities and production may be carried out with minimal impact on water quality. Most BMPs are not mandated by regulations by rely on good stewardship and voluntary action. However, failure to prevent or control pollution could result in regulatory action.


The success of the nonregulatory approach depends on operators doing their part. BMPs should be used throughout the exploration and production process, from the initial seismic surveys to the abandonment of wells. Cooperation among the seismic contractor, operator, drilling contractor, pumper, and surface owner is critical to ensure that BMPs are applied to the land.


This guide presents Best Management Practices for road construction, erosion control, and pollution prevention at typical exploration and production sites in Oklahoma.



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