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Fact Sheet
Digital Retailing and Marketing: Tools for Rural Small Businesses Navigating the Digital Age

By Hyejune Park and Andrew Van Leuven. Learn about digital retailing and marketing for small businesses navigating the digital age.

Business Strategy & MarketingMarketing Strategy & TacticsWebsites & eCommerce
Fact Sheet
Negotiation Strategies

By Rodney Jones, Courtney Bir and Brent Ladd. Learn the best step-by-step strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in conflicts using principled negotiations.

Business Strategy & MarketingMarketing Strategy & Tactics
Fact Sheet
Entrepreneurship Roadmap: Key Stages of Developing a Business

This fact sheet helps to guide people through the processes of business development, and encompasses all necessary information for seeking investors.

Business Strategy & MarketingNew Businesses & Acquisitions
Fact Sheet
Cattle Marketing Plans: Traditional vs. Direct to Consumer

Cattle production is essential to Oklahoma’s agricultural sector. To maximize profits, it is crucial that cattle producers have a marketing plan in advance.

Business Strategy & Marketing
Fact Sheet
Participants in Community and Economic Development

Access to economic opportunities – new businesses, new jobs and continued investment in the long-term growth of the local economy – is an essential part of local economic vitality, enabling communities to “stay on the map” by providing basic services and enhancing quality of life for their residents.

Business Strategy & MarketingCommercial Energy Management
Fact Sheet
Challenges of Meeting Oklahoma Farmers' Market Regulations and Varied Requirements

Learn about the challenges of meeting Oklahoma's farmers' market regulations and various requirements such as fees, permits and certifications.

AgritourismBusiness Strategy & MarketingCropsFood Products
Fact Sheet
Organizational Branding 101

A clear depiction of the steps that needs to be taken to establish branding.

Business Strategy & MarketingMarketing Strategy & Tactics
Fact Sheet
A Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers in Oklahoma

This circular serves as a beginners guide for farmers by providing resources and recommendations essential to starting a farm.

Beginning FarmingBusiness Planning & ManagementBusiness Strategy & MarketingCropsFarm & Ranch FinancesOrganic & Sustainable
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