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Are you taking care of a loved one? At times, do you feel like you have more questions than answers? You’re not alone! About 4 in 5 caregivers say they need more information or training so they can provide better care for their loved one. The Oklahoma Caregiving Education Program (OkCEP) is here to help! OkCEP is designed to provide you with information on a wide range of topics that you may come across as you provide care. We will also help you locate resources in your area!


How does OkCEP work?

You can access the OkCEP in two ways:

  • For face-to-face assistance, you can contact your FCS Extension Educator and ask them about the Caregiver Education Program (Click here to locate your county’s Educator).
  • If you cannot get to your Extension office, you can access the program online! Just follow the link below, fill out a quick registration, and you’ll have complete access to the entire program!

This program is FREE and available to anyone who is either providing care or just interested in learning more about caregiving.


Support is provided through the Clark Gerontology Fund of Oklahoma State University.

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