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Get involved with Beef Extension!
We hope you can attend one of our upcoming Beef Extension events! Our conferences, programs, and camps are updated frequently, so check back with us regularly to find out what is available near you. To learn more information about what Beef Extension has to offer, explore our wide-variety of programs and resources below.

Beef Extension Announcements

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Beef Extension Programs

Beef Cattle Research Updates

Current and archived Beef Cattle Research Updates covering a wide-range of beef related topics.


The Beef Extension program offers a wide-variety of FREE factsheets, step-by-step calculator instructions and downloadable spreadsheets.


Compiled list of cow/calf related research publications organized alphabetically.

Cow/Calf  Bootcamp

The Cow/Calf Boot Camp is designed for both new and experienced cattle producers who are serious about increasing their level of management and their bottom line. 

Cow-Calf Corner - The Newsletters

Monthly cow-calf related newsletters written and researched by specialists from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

Drought Resources

Drought resource publications discussing forages, hay listings, best management practices, supplementation and more.

Master Cattleman

The objective of this program is to enhance the profitability of beef operations and the quality of life of beef cattle producers by equipping them with vital information on all aspects of beef production, business planning, risk management and marketing. 

Meat Science

The teaching, research and extension Meat Science program brings cohesion to all facets of industry by bringing dreams to life for the students, as well as, the meat industry. 

OK Beef Quality Assurance

BQA programs have evolved to include best practices around good record keeping and protecting herd health, which can result in more profits for producers. 

OK Beef Quality Network

OQBN is a network of beef producers, educators, veterinarians, and industry professionals committed to increasing producers' access to value added marketing opportunities and improving the quality of cattle produced in Oklahoma.

OSU Cowculator

The OSU Cowculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to assist cattlemen in making informed decisions associated with beef cow nutrition. 

Receiving and Feedlot

Published receiving and feedlot publications covering the topics of economics, health and disease, meat and carcass, nutrition, pest management and quality assurance to name a few.


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