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Since 1983, the Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual has been a key resource of research-based information for beef cattle producers, extension professionals, veterinarians and others in the beef industry. The Manual, currently in its Eighth Edition (2021), has evolved and expanded in content over time. It currently includes 45 chapters covering 6 primary topic areas, including Industry Issues, Economic Issues, Forage, Nutrition, Breeding, Herd Health, and Environment for Raising Cattle. The first-ever Spanish translation of the Beef Cattle Manual is also available in the Eighth Edition.


While the Beef Cattle Manual is used as the curriculum for the Master Cattleman certification program, the Manual is also available for purchase by the general public. The options to order the manual are below or contact your local OSU Extension office for more information.


Manual Order Form

Beef Cattle Manuals are available to order from Kareta Casey or you may order online using a credit card. Cost is $50 + shipping. Delivery methods include U.S. Priority mail (2-3 days) or U.S. Library rate (7-10 days). Current shipping rates are listed on the order form. For shipping rates on multiple manuals or for international shipping, please contact Kareta Casey or prior to ordering.


Order the English Version Manual

Order the Spanish Version Manual


Please contact Kareta Casey if you have any questions or to manually order your Beef Cattle Manual.


Beef Cattle Manual Table of Contents

Chapter Number Chapter Name
1 Beef Industry Overview for Oklahoma
2 Beef Industry Issues and the Future
Economic Issues  
3 Ranch Business Planning and Management
4 Analyzing Financial and Production Performance
5 Leasing Arrangements in a Beef Cattle Enterprise
6 Business Organization and Tax Considerations
7 Economic Considerations in Disaster Management
8 Livestock and Forage Insurance Options
9 Beef Cow-Calf Marketing
10 Value-Added Marketing Opportunities
11 Grazing Management
12 Hay Production, Storage & Feeding
13 Small Grain Forage Management
14 Fire and Livestock Production
15 The Ruminant Animal
16 Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle
17 Nutritive Value of Feeds
18 Alternative Feeds
19 Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition of Grazing Cattle
20 Body Condition Scoring of Cows
21 Supplementing Beef Cows
22 Supplementing and Feeding Calves and Stocker Cattle
23 Supplementation of Stocker Cattle on Small Grain Forage
24 Preconditioning Nutrition and Management
25 Performance Recording Guidelines
26 Expected Progeny Differences
27 Management of Effective Mating and Crossbreeding Systems
28 Genetics in the Genomics Era
29 Across Breed EPD Exercise
30 Management Considerations for Bulls
31 Synchronizing Heats in Beef Cows and Heifers
32 Artificial Insemination
33 Embryo Transfer
34 Choosing a Calving Season
35 Calving Time Management for Beef Cows and Heifers
Herd Health  
36 Herd Health
37 Internal Parasite Control
38 External Parasite on Beef Cattle
39 Implants and Their Use in Beef Cattle Production
Environment for Raising Cattle  
40 Cattle Handling and Working Facilities Design
41 Waste Management
42 Biosecurity
43 Livestock Mortality Management
Beef Industry Issues  
44 Beef Grading Standards
45 Beef Quality Assurance
Appendix 1 Gestation Table
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