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About the Master Cattleman Program

Introduced in 2004, the Master Cattleman Program’s objective is to enhance the profitability of beef operations and the quality of life of beef cattle producers by equipping them with vital information on all aspects of beef production, business planning, risk management and marketing. The Master Cattleman program includes an educational curriculum based on the Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual and a producer certification process.
The base cost for the program is $100 and this fee will be collected by the county educator. Fees will pay for the instructional material, a producer certificate, Master Cattleman farm gate sign, and a notebook embossed with the Master Cattleman logo. Additional fees may be charged locally to cover costs of other materials supplied.
Interested in becoming a Master Cattleman? Contact your local county extension office for more information.

The Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual

Since 1983, the Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual has been a key resource for beef cattle producers, extension professionals, veterinarians and many others in the beef cattle industry. The original Manual was a concise resource for information on beef cattle production and management, including nutrition, reproduction, animal health, genetics, and the design of cattle working facilities.
More recent versions of the manual include  chapters addressing economics, marketing and risk management, business planning and tax considerations, leasing arrangements, enterprise performance analysis, livestock insurance, forage production, grazing management, drought management, beef quality assurance, waste management, and biosecurity.

What Does it Mean to Be an OSU Master Cattleman?

The Oklahoma Master Cattleman (MC)
  • Has knowledge of sustainable practices in production, business management, marketing, herd health and natural resources

  • Has successfully completed the curriculum for the Oklahoma Master Cattleman program

  • Has demonstrated comprehension as evidenced by passing exams associated with each area.


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