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Fact Sheet
Energy Saving Scams

A guide for consumers in spotting potential energy savings scams.

Home Care & SafetyHome Energy Saving
Fact Sheet
Protecting Infants and Toddlers from Positional Asphyxia: Car Seats and Sling Carriers

The dangers and preventative methods of seat belt asphyxia for children from car seats and sling carries in a vehicle.

Health, Nutrition & WellnessHome Care & SafetyHome Safety
Fact Sheet
Safe Use of Chainsaws

A summary of some basic operating principles and safety aspects of using a chainsaw.

Forest Ecology, Management & CareForestryHarvesting of TreesHome Care & SafetyHome SafetySustainability
Fact Sheet
The Importance of Residential and Commercial Building Insulation

Learn about the basic issues that should be investigated when considering an insulation project such as insulation thickness, material types and costs.

Environmental Issues - Commercial FacilitiesEnvironmental PolicyHome Care & SafetyHome Energy Saving
Fact Sheet
Landscaping for Energy Conservation

Where to plant trees to maximize shade in the summer, sunlight in the winter and how to reduce the effects of cold wind on a house.

Gardening & Lawn CareHome Care & SafetyHome Energy SavingLandscapingShrubsTrees
Fact Sheet
Recycle Your Clothes and Fabrics

A guide on how to properly reuse and recycle clothing in order to reduce waste and increase environmental sustainability.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & Safety
Fact Sheet
Recycled Household Textiles and Clothing

The global benefits of recycling in relation to the economy and the recommended ways to dispose of and reuse unwanted textiles.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & SafetyRecyclingWaste Management
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