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Fact Sheet
Light at Night

How light at night may cause sleep problems that can lead to health and other problems later on.

Home Care & SafetyHome Energy SavingLighting & Decor
Fact Sheet
Light and Color

The different types of lighting and how they can impact the appearance of colors, fabrics and the tones of your home.

Home Care & SafetyHome Energy SavingLighting & Decor
Fact Sheet
Bed Bugs—Reduce Risk While Thrift Shopping

Be aware of bed bugs when shopping and apply these helpful tips to reduce the risk of bringing home unwanted pests.

Home Care & SafetyIndoor Insects & PestsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Solar Electric Systems for Homeowners

Things to consider before homeowner’s choose to invest in energy technology.

Energy ProductionHome Care & SafetyHome Energy SavingSolar Energy
Fact Sheet
Preventing Bed Bugs

How to identify bedbugs and what to do when bedbugs are identified.

Home Care & SafetyHome Safety
Fact Sheet
Energy Saving Scams

A guide for consumers in spotting potential energy savings scams.

Home Care & SafetyHome Energy Saving
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