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Fact Sheet
Value of Animal Waste Calculator

An aid for producers to estimate the value on animal waste in comparison to commercial fertilizers,

LivestockManure & Litter Management
Fact Sheet
Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Manures: Types of Digesters

Information about the anaerobic digesters used on farms with different manure handling systems.

Energy ProductionLivestockManure & Litter ManagementWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Fertilizer Nutrients in Animal Manure

Understand how animal manure can be used as an asset rather than a liability for producers when effectively using it on field crops.

LivestockManure & Litter Management
Fact Sheet
An Alternative Poultry Litter Storage Technique for Improved Handling, Transport and Application: The “Mass Reduction System”

Implementation of the mass reduction system for improved handling, transportation and application as well as the economic benefits of poultry litter.

FertilizationLivestockManure & Litter ManagementPoultrySoil
Fact Sheet
Particle Size Distribution of Manure and By-product Slurries

How to measure and estimate the mass of total solids removed by gravity screens using particle size distribution.

Energy ProductionLivestockManure & Litter Management
Fact Sheet
Strategies to Control Farmstead Odors

Control odors from the farm through prevention, alteration, capturing and dispersing strategies.

LivestockManure & Litter ManagementWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Lagoons for Livestock Waste Treatment

An explanation on how livestock waste lagoons work, the different types of lagoons and how to manage each type of lagoon.

LivestockManure & Litter ManagementSolid WasteWaste Management
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