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Fact Sheet
Grasshoppers of the Cherokee Nation in Northeast Oklahoma

By Alex J. Harman, W. Wyatt Hoback, Tom A. Royer. Learn more about the grasshoppers of the Cherokee Nation in Northeast Oklahoma.

Insects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Beginning Honey Beekeeping Equipment and Associated Costs

By Courtney Bir, Justin Talley and JJ Jones. Learn about equipment necessary to begin beekeeping and the options and costs of the various items.

Bees & Beneficial InsectsHoneybeesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesLivestock
Fact Sheet
Key to Female Bumble Bees of Oklahoma

Learn the environmental role that bees play as well as the cause of their population decline and how to identify the species.

Bees & Beneficial InsectsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Grasshoppers of the Choctaw Nation in Southeast Oklahoma

Orthoptera is the order of insects that includes grasshoppers, katydids and crickets. These insects are recognizable by their shape and the presence of jumping hind legs.

Insects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Smallseed Falseflax Management in Winter Wheat

A native to Europe, smallseed falseflax was first introduced to North America in the 19th century, likely as a contaminant in flax seed (Linum usitatissimum L.) and other crops (Francis and Warwick 2009).

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Fact Sheet
Sampling for Pinewood Nematodes

Guidelines for sampling pine trees showing symptoms of early and advanced symptoms of the devastating pine wilt disease.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Small Grains

The various insecticides for proper management of insect and mite pests and the instructions for using them in relation to small grains.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesCropsGrains & OilseedsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
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