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Fact Sheet
Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil

How to manage nitrous oxide emissions from soil, how to use split nitrogen applications and cover crops to reduce emissions.

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Fact Sheet
Reclaiming Slick-Spots and Salty Soils

An explanation of the characteristics of saline and alkali soils and how to remedy them for optimal soil content.

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Fact Sheet
Cotton Yield Goal – Nitrogen Rate Recommendation

The comparison between historic trends, new data in nitrogen requirements and the effects of nitrogen in cotton yields.

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Fact Sheet
The History of the GreenSeeker™ Sensor

Learn about the history of the GreenSeeker sensors that are used to make mid-season Nitrogen rate recommendations.

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Fact Sheet
Types of On-Farm Demonstrations

Learn about different types of on-farm demonstrations and the benefits and challenges that should be considered when selecting one.

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Fact Sheet
Fate of Precipitation Falling on Oklahoma Cropland

The role that rainfall plays in Oklahoma’s water budget, an explanation of blue water flow, green water flow and how to control white water losses.

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Fact Sheet
Agribusiness Management Series: Valuing Poultry Litter in Meeting Soil Fertility Requirements

A downloadable spreadsheet developed to help producers place a value on poultry litter in comparison to commercial fertilizers.

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Fact Sheet
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