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Fact Sheet
Types of On-Farm Demonstrations

Learn about different types of on-farm demonstrations and the benefits and challenges that should be considered when selecting one.

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Fact Sheet
Fate of Precipitation Falling on Oklahoma Cropland

The role that rainfall plays in Oklahoma’s water budget, an explanation of blue water flow, green water flow and how to control white water losses.

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Fact Sheet
Agribusiness Management Series: Valuing Poultry Litter in Meeting Soil Fertility Requirements

A downloadable spreadsheet developed to help producers place a value on poultry litter in comparison to commercial fertilizers.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Soil Fertility Handbook

This handbook includes information about soil problems, fertilizer, soil research, precision nutrient management and much more.

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Fact Sheet
Managing Soil Compaction

Understand soil compaction, the different forms of compaction and how to classify them, prevention methods and compaction remediation methods.

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Fact Sheet
Managing Acid Soils for Wheat Production

How to correct soil acidity, calculate lime rates, reduce metal toxicity and an explanation on when to use phosphate for optional wheat production.

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