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Fact Sheet
Guidelines for the Use of Chlorine Bleach as a Sanitizer in Food Processing Operations

Chlorine bleach is an effective method of killing undesirable microorganism; however, processors should learn the regulations of this sanitizer.

Cooking & Food SafetyFood ProductsFood SafetyFood Safety, Quality Management & Sanitation
Fact Sheet
Edible Oil Quality

A detailed summary of edible oil quality parameters used in the food industry and research purposes.

CropsFood ProductsFood Safety, Quality Management & SanitationGrains & Oilseeds
Fact Sheet
Industrial Deep Fat Frying

An explanation of industrial deep fat frying, types of operations, safety procedures, fryer management and maintenance practices.

Facilities & Equipment for Food ProcessingFood ProductsFood Safety, Quality Management & SanitationRegulations, Customer Requirements & Compliance
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