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Fact Sheet
The Role of the Board Chair

A board chair is a member of the board of directors elected by the panel for a specified term and has a key leadership role within the duties that follow.

Community & Rural ImprovementLeadership & Volunteer Development
Fact Sheet
Crowdsourcing in the Food Industry

This article explains how crowdsourcing is used and can be used in the food industry.

Community & Rural ImprovementEconomic DevelopmentFood Products
Fact Sheet
Pull Factors: A Measure of Retail Sales Success Estimates for 77 Oklahoma Cities (2018)

This fact sheet explains the findings of an experiment on pull factors to smaller towns.

Community & Rural ImprovementEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
Rural-Urban Interface Problems and Opportunities

This sheet discusses the problems faced by farmers and homeowners and possible solutions.

Community & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
Contribution of Agriculture to Oklahoma’s Economy: 2015

This report aims to document the contribution agriculture makes to the Oklahoma economy in 2015.

AgritourismBusiness Strategy & MarketingCommunity & Rural ImprovementEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
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