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Available Resources

OSU Extension and the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture have compiled a list of fact sheets, pest management resources and informational slideshows to assist producers in maximize production.

Common Turfgrass Insects & Mites

Several insects and mites feed on turfgrass but only a few cause enough economic or aesthetic damage to warrant control. The following pages provide descriptions of arthropod pests of turf and the damage they cause. Most of these pests occur in isolated infestations across the South each year. The most common situation is to find one or two of these pests during any one growing season while others occur only sporadically.

Informational Slideshow Presentations

Turfgrass presentations delivered at educational meetings and workshops. 

Workshop Program


Dr. Dennis Martin Presentations


General Information


Horticulture Update


Plant Materials Conference


SE Oklahoma Turfgrass Landscape Maintenance Program Workshops

  • Biology and Management of Key Ornamental Plant Pests - Dr. Eric Rebeck, Extension Horticulture and Turfgrass Entomologist, Oklahoma State University
  • Diagnosing & Responding to Tree Problems - Dr. Mike Schnelle, Oklahoma State University
  • Fundamentals of Sprayer Nozzles & Drift Control - Dr. John M. Long, Extension Agricultural Engineer, Oklahoma State University
  • Improving Pesticide Applications with Adjuvants - Robert Bourne, Bryan County Extension Educator and Jim Shrefler, Southeast Area Horticulture Specialist, Oklahoma State University
  • Selecting the Right Turf and Management for Shaded Environments - Dr. Dennis Martin, Extension Turfgrass Specialist
  • Turfgrass Integrated Pest Management - Nathan Walker, Turfgrass Disease and Pest Integrated Management Specialist, Oklahoma State University
  • Weed ID in Turfgrass and Right-of-Ways - Dr. Dennis Martin, Extension Turfgrass Specialist, Oklahoma State University


Spring 2010 Winter-Kill, Spring Dead Spot, and Turfgrass Disease Workshop


Turfgrass Producers International

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