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In the charts, the columns show the 2018-2020 weighted average sales price per acre for various tract sizes. The values are weighted depending on the number of annual sales during the three year period. This also means that three years of data are included in the number of sales. The grey columns show the number of sales for each tract size.


In general, as the size of tract increases, the sales price per acre decreases and a wide premium exists between the smallest and largest average parcel sizes. The modal tract size sold for all agricultural land in Oklahoma is between 100 and 200 acres.


Only tracts 40 acres in size or larger selling up to $3,000 per acre are included in the averages through 2007 and up to $6000 since 2008. Per acre values shown for cropland and pasture are the averages of tracts having 85%+ cropland and pasture, respectively. Because of unavoidable data collection difficulties, relatively less sale data is available for 1995 and 1996. As a result, caution is advised when analyzing land patterns and trends during this timeframe.




2018-2020 weighted average values for all land by size of tract

Chart 1


2018-2020 weighted average values for cropland by size of tract

Chart 2

2018-2020 weighted average values for pasture by size of tract

Chart 3


2018-2020 weighted average cropland and pasture values by size of tract

Chart 4

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