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Considerations for Urban Agriculture

Learn about state wide rules and regulations, and sources of additional information about regulations on urban agriculture.


Considerations for Urban Agriculture

Follow along with the Considerations for Urban Agriculture PowerPoint presentation.


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Goat Production Basics

Learn about nutrition, herd health, facility management, marketing goats and record keeping.


Goat Basics

Follow along with the Goat Basics PowerPoint presentation.


What's Realistic on 50 Acres of Pasture


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Grants for Farm Projects

Learn about sources of grants and loans for small scale farms and tips for filling out grant and loan proposals.


Farm Grant Opportunities & Proposals

Follow along with the Farm Grant Opportunities and Proposals PowerPoint presentation.


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Risk in Agriculture

Learn about the types of risk that comes with involvement in production agriculture and ways to manage the that risk.


Risk in Agriculture

Follow along with the Risk in Agriculture PowerPoint presentation.


Managing Risk

Follow along with the Managing Risk PowerPoint presentation.


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Value-Added Livestock Marketing

Learn about value-added marketing, pre-conditioning calves, grazing and nutrition, culling and software tools.


Adding Value for Cow-Calf Operators

Follow along with the Adding Value for Cow-Calf Operators PowerPoint presentation.


Cull Cow Management & Marketing Alternatives


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What the OSU County Extension Office Offers

Learn about services and information available from the OSU County Extension offices and how to find the nearest Extension educators. Hear answers to the most common questions educators receive. Programs discussed include OQBN, Master Cattlemen, Cow/Calf Boot Camp, Meat Goat Boot Camp, soil nutrients, decision tool,, Mesonet Resources, electronic newsletters and SunUp.


Livestock Nutrition Service from OCES

Follow along with the Livestock Nutrition Support Offered by County Extension Offices PowerPoint presentation.


Master Cattlemen & Cow/Calf Boot Camp

Follow along with the Master Cattlemen & Cow/Calf Boot Camp PowerPoint presentation.


Musk Thistle Weevil


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