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Strengthening the father-child connection.  Ver la página en español

Join dads like you

Confident, involved dads lead to better outcomes for their children.
Strong Dads is a free weekly workshop empowering fathers and father figures with helpful tools and support to strengthen the father-child connection. We know dads today have an increased role in caregiving. There is no perfect way to parent, but a million ways to be a good one. Dive into the importance of building a strong relationship with your child with our like-minded men.

About Strong Dads

Be the best dad you can be
Strong Dads is a unique 12-week program designed to equip fathers with the self-awareness, compassion, and sense of responsibility that every good parent needs. It focuses on building the man first and the father second.

Why join Strong Dads?

Character Building

Learn skills that inspire respect and admiration from others while developing a growth mindset with your children


Learn how to set and achieve goals that help you to become intentional in your fathering goals


Join other like-minded dads who are committed to giving their very best to their children and learn about resources in your community


Participate in three 15-minute surveys to help continue to refine the Strong Dads program. Fathers can earn up to $100 in gift cards for participating in surveys

The 24/7 DadAn Evidence-Based Fatherhood Program

  • Knows His Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Cares for Himself
  • Knows How to Father
  • Knows How to Parent
  • Builds Healthy Relationships with Family and Community
  • 24/7 Dad® AM Focuses on:
  • Family History
  • What it Means to Be a Man
  • Showing and Handling Feelings
  • Men’s Health & Communication
  • The Father’s Role & other informative topics!
Inspired by the Fatherhood: 24/7 Dads website.
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