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Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE)


OHCE Creed

We believe the family should come first in the life of the individual, the community, and the nation.  We will build our homes on love and mutual respect.  We shall endeavor to discover the potential in our children and our neighbor's children and to help them develop their personalities in such a manner that they make a worthwhile contribution to life.


We shall maintain high standards in our homes through research and education to promote better use of our environment and better living conditions for all.


We shall encourage a faith in a God of love who is forever revealed through natural laws and human personalities.


We shall have faith that strong leaders shall go forth from our homes and communities, carrying with them throughout the universe the ideals which we have proclaimed.


OHCE Emblem

The emblem is a circle suggesting the continuity of life in our state, our homes, and our community education. The single candle symbolizes the unity of goals and purposes of our organization. The candle emphasizes the saying Ait is better to light just one little candle and through unity light the world. The edge of the seal has 77 bites of light between the cogs representing all the counties of Oklahoma. This all forms a work wheel that our members have put their shoulders against and thus turns our world into a better society. Standing behind the candle is our great state of Oklahoma.


Grady County OHCE Groups


Chickasha Area

  • Rural Neighbors - 3rd Wednesday
  • Rosalie Bush - (405) 224-4934


East of Chickasha





How Do I Sign Up?

Call one of the group presidents listed or the OSU Extension Service at (405) 224-2216
to attend a meeting. There is an organized group in most areas of Grady County


OHCE Resources


Educational Links



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