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This kit was designed by a group of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension Educators with the purpose in mind to provide tools and resources to high school teachers as they are teaching Financial Management classes. Since the "Passport to Financial Literacy" legislation was passed in 2007, high school students are now required to complete 14 units of topics related to Financial Management. Personal Financial Literacy is designed for students in Grades 7-12. 


Teachers: Please contact the Grady County OSU Extension Service at (405) 224-2216 if you would like to "check out" or borrow this tool kit. Or, email Liz Taylor, Grady County OSU Extension Director at for more information.


The Financial Education Tool Kit includes the Nail Game, Teen Habitude Cards, The Spending Game, Building Wealth CD, Savings Plan Slide Cards, Spending Decision Cards, and copies of the National 4-H Curriculum, "Financial Management."


The Spending Game involves giving participants 20 beans and asking them to "spend" them on necessities and luxury items. The 20 beans represent a monthly income. The decisions that each participant make about how to spend their beans may be individually different. During the second part of the game, participants are told that their "income" has decreased to 13 beans and they need to reallocate their monthly income according to needs and wants. The experience of a salary reduction helps to reinforce the need for priority in spending and caring for needs before wants are addressed.


The Teen Habitude cards are a "Money Personality" assessment game where participants sort a set of statements according to what spending habit or attitude is "More Like Me" and those that are "Not at All Like Me" and "Sometimes are Like Me." At the conclusion of this exercise, participants review the money personality types and sort the "Like Me" pile to reveal which habitude is most dominant in their personality.


The National 4-H Council provides the "Financial Management" curriculum within this tool kit. The Peer-Reviewed curriculum is loaded with many fun and interactive activities for participants.


The "Nail Game" is challenging ice breaker to help participants realize that when something looks impossible, there is always a solution and to think "outside the box." Two teams are given their own board and 15 nails and asked to balance 14 nails on one nail which is placed standing straight up in the middle of the board. It is possible!!


The tools and curriculum of the Financial Education Tool Kit are contained in a storage bin for easy storage and carrying.

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