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Fact Sheet
A Practical Guide to Food Plots in the Southern Great Plains

Provides information on how food plots may help provide basic ecology for select wildlife species.

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Fact Sheet
A Guide to Plants Important for Quail in Oklahoma

A guide to provide assistance in understanding the importance of certain plant species in the management of quail.

BirdsBobwhite QuailWildlife
Fact Sheet
Bob-White Quail

This extensive leaflet discusses the management of bob-white quail in Oklahoma.

BirdsBobwhite QuailHabitat ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Bobwhite Quail Habitat Evaluation and Management Guide

This circular is a detailed guide for evaluating and managing land for bobwhite quail.

BirdsBobwhite QuailHabitat ManagementRangeland ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Scaled Quail Ecology and Management in Oklahoma

This fact sheet gives information on scaled quails and quail management.

BirdsBobwhite QuailWildlife
Fact Sheet
Management of Sand Sagebrush Rangelands

The objective of this publication is to provide basic ecology of sand sagebrush and guidance on how management will impact sand sagebrush plant communities.

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