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A Guide to Plants Important for Quail in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has two native species of quail – the northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus, hereafter bobwhite) and the scaled quail (Callipepla squamata), which is also commonly called blue quail. The bobwhite occurs statewide, while the scaled quail is restricted to far western Oklahoma and the panhandle. Both species of quail are popular gamebirds within Oklahoma and many landowners are interested in quail habitat management. Habitat is the food, water, cover and space that a species requires. Plants make up a large component of what is considered habitat for a species. Plants provide food (both directly and indirectly), cover and water. Therefore, to manage quail, an understanding of plants that are used by quail is necessary. This plant guide is designed to highlight some of the more important plants for quail in Oklahoma. It includes both food producing and cover-providing plants. This guide contains species accounts for 70 plants. They are divided into grasses, forbs and shrubs/trees. For each species account, the following is provided: common name, scientific name, the plant family, origin (whether the plant is native or introduced), the distribution of the plant within Oklahoma, a description of the soils and general conditions of where the plant might occur, how quail use the plant and other considerations, such as how to manage the plant. This guide also contains two appendices: a listing of insects that are important to
quail and references used to create this guide.





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