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Fact Sheet
Importance of Herbicide Application Timing on Winter Canola

Management practices must be developed to overcome the issue of how to control weeds associated with growing canola.

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Fact Sheet
Guide to Effective Weed Control

Weed control educational info including mechanical methods, crop competition, crop rotation, biological predators and diseases, fire and chemical control.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticidesWeeds & Invasive Plants
Fact Sheet
Components and Ratios of Pre-mix Herbicides for Use in Soybean

A list of several pre-mix herbicides for soybean use and the equivalent rates of the individual herbicide components.

CropsGrains & OilseedsHerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticidesSoybeans
Fact Sheet
Herbicide How-To: Understanding Herbicide Mode of Action

Learn how herbicides can be used, the weeds it will control and the appropriate rate to design a successful weed management program.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Herbicide How-To: Maximizing Glyphosate Activity

An explanation of some of the subtle differences between glyphosate products that can impact procedures and important considerations when using them.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Herbicide Injury in the Nursery and Landscape

A guide to identifying, preventing and controlling herbicide injury in nursery and landscape maintenance programs.

Gardening & Lawn CareGreenhouses & Indoor GardeningHerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesLandscapingPesticides
Fact Sheet
Single Herbicides and Herbicide Premixes for Use in Winter Wheat

Learn about the strategy of managing or delaying resistance in winter wheat through the rotation of herbicides and use of herbicide premixes.

CropsGrains & OilseedsHerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticidesWheat
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