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Fact Sheet
High Tunnels

While similar to greenhouses in many ways, there are a few key differences that can be learned about high tunnel construct, maintenance and crop production.

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Fact Sheet
Containers and Media for the Nursery

An explanation of anthelmintic resistance, environmental control and chemical treatment in common internal parasites in horses.

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Fact Sheet
Layering Propagation for the Home Gardener

A guide on layer propagation for home and garden plants, ways to improve layering success and suggestions for layering methods.

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Fact Sheet
Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden

Tips on growing tomatoes so they can grow in small areas through most of the season and be used for culinary purposes in the home.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Houseplant Care

Learn how to careful manage light, temperature, water, nutrients and humidity to suit any indoor growing environment..

Gardening & Lawn CareGreenhouses & Indoor GardeningIndoor Insects & PestsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Growing Vegetable Transplants

Transplant production requires knowledge about crop germination and growing requirements, attention to details and a willingness to provide consistent care.

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Fact Sheet
Herbicide Injury in the Nursery and Landscape

A guide to identifying, preventing and controlling herbicide injury in nursery and landscape maintenance programs.

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