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Fact Sheet
Market Research Study: Organic Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Production

A study of the public’s general consensus towards organic fruits, vegetables and herb productions and where those trends are predicted to go.

Business Strategy & MarketingCropsFood ProductsFruits & Tree NutsMarketing Strategy & TacticsOrganic & SustainableVegetables
Fact Sheet
Grapevine Disease Testing Services

Information about diseases that infect grapes and directions for samples that need to be sent to the Plant Disease and Insect Diagnostic Lab for testing.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesCropsFruits & Tree NutsGrapes & WineInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Small Fruit Fertilization and Maintenance Schedule

A resource guide to producing and maintaining perennial fruit crops that are viable in Oklahoma.

Apples & PearsBerriesCropsFertilizationFruits & Tree NutsGrapes & WinePeaches & NectarinesSoil
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Kiwifruit Production in Oklahoma

A comprehensive guide to beginning production on kiwifruits in Oklahoma including tips on site location, nurturing, fertilizing and harvesting.

CropsFruits & Tree NutsGardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
Managing Pecans in the Home Landscape

The proper pecan management and harvest practices necessary to maximize nut production in pecan trees.

CropsFruits & Tree NutsGardening & Lawn CarePecans & Walnuts
Fact Sheet
Commercial Apple Insect and Disease Control — 2015

Tables provided display the quantity of materials, spray volume per acre and tree size that should be taken into account when applied to apples.

Apples & PearsCropsFruits & Tree NutsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Whip and Tongue Grafting Pecans

Problems and characteristics of varieties of wheat to help make educational decisions about which to grow.

CropsFruits & Tree NutsPecans & Walnuts
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