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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Disaster Losses and Related Tax Rules

This article addresses casualties and the information needed to determine whether or not a taxpayer will have a deductible loss or a taxable gain depending upon the type of property damaged or destroyed and if it was or was not insured.

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Fact Sheet
National Weather Service: Climate Outlooks Serving Agriculture

Farming or ranching can be a risky business. When production and markets come together just right, producers can breathe a little easier. While extreme, localiz...

MeteorologyTornadoesWeather & ClimateWeather & Disaster PreparednessWildfire RecoveryWildfires
Fact Sheet
Wildfire: Preparing the Ranch and Farm

Information, building suggestions, and other advice regarding handling, preventing, and managing wildfires on farms and ranches is on this page.

Weather & Disaster PreparednessWildfires
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