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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Economic Impacts

The potential negative economic impact that harmful algal blooms can have for Oklahoma lakes and rivers.

Pond ManagementWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

The dangers of pharmaceuticals in water and how to treat contaminated water.

WaterWater & Environmental Issues
Fact Sheet
Capturing and Recycling Irrigation Runoff as a Pollution Prevention Measure

The benefits, risks and disease management related to the capture and recycle of water in nurseries.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
How Eastern Redcedar Encroachment Affects the Water Cycle of Oklahoma Rangelands

Linkages among climate, vegetation and hydrological processes to understand the potential of redcedar encroachment influencing the water budget on rangelands.

Brush Control (Invasive Woody Plants)Eastern Red CedarRangeland ManagementWaterWater & Environmental Issues
Fact Sheet
Evaporation Losses from Shallow Water Bodies in Oklahoma

Estimating water evaporation, types of evaporation pans and evaporation loss in volume tables from shallow water in Oklahoma.

Aquatic & Terrestrial EcosystemsPond ManagementWaterWater & Environmental Issues
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