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Fact Sheet
Water Rate Structure: A Tool for Water Conservation in Oklahoma

Why water rates vary and the structure of water rates to learn how to conserve water efficiently.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
The Ogallala Aquifer

Review the statistics of how the expansion of irrigated agriculture in the Oklahoma Panhandle region has effected the water levels of the Ogallala Aquifer.

GroundwaterHome & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Oklahoma

Measurements, storage, building necessities and maintenance required when constructing and operating a rainwater harvesting system.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
Establishing a Lawn in Oklahoma

A detailed guide to establishing a lawn with grass selection, soil and site preparation, seeding, ground maintenance and post-establishment care in Oklahoma.

DroughtGardening & Lawn CareHome & Garden Water IssuesLandscapingLawns & TurfgrassWaterWater ConservationWeather & Disaster Preparedness
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