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Fact Sheet
Strategies to Control Farmstead Odors

Control odors from the farm through prevention, alteration, capturing and dispersing strategies.

LivestockManure & Litter ManagementWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Lagoons for Livestock Waste Treatment

An explanation on how livestock waste lagoons work, the different types of lagoons and how to manage each type of lagoon.

LivestockManure & Litter ManagementSolid WasteWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Land Buyers’ Septic System Guide for Oklahoma

A guide to the basics of septic systems, the common questions that occur when screening potential properties for purchase and the different types of systems.

Septic Systems & SewageWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
The Dangers of Backyard Trash Burning

Understand the regulations and dangers of burning household refuse and the alternatives that are available to avoid the consequences of not following the laws.

Solid WasteWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Composting System for Small Horse Farms

The basics and benefits of using horse manure as a compost in gardens.

CompostingFertilizationHorsesLivestockSoilWaste Management
Fact Sheet
Recycled Household Textiles and Clothing

The global benefits of recycling in relation to the economy and the recommended ways to dispose of and reuse unwanted textiles.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & SafetyRecyclingWaste Management
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