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Fact Sheet
Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Economic Impacts

The potential negative economic impact that harmful algal blooms can have for Oklahoma lakes and rivers.

Pond ManagementWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Economics of Aquaponics

The economic viability of aquaponics for vegetable and fish production including production cost estimates.

AquaponicsPond Management
Fact Sheet
Principles of Small-Scale Aquaponics

An overview of the principles and practices of a small-scale aquaponics system.

AquaponicsCropsOrganic & SustainablePond Management
Fact Sheet
Keep Your Pond in Good Condition

A guide of simple steps to ensure that pond owners properly maintain their pond efficiently.

Pond ManagementWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics—Integrating Fish and Plant Culture

A detailed guide to the system design, construction, production, management and economics of introducing fauna and flora to an aquaponics system.

AquaponicsPond Management
Fact Sheet
Riparian Buffer Systems for Oklahoma

A three-zone riparian buffer system can be designed to protect water quality from pesticides, nutrients and sediment in runoff from agricultural crop lands.

Aquatic & Terrestrial EcosystemsMunicipalities & Infrastructure WaterPond ManagementWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Common Pond Problems

The simple solutions to the most common pond management problems.

Pond Management
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