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Fact Sheet
Keep Your Pond in Good Condition

A guide of simple steps to ensure that pond owners properly maintain their pond efficiently.

Pond ManagementWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics—Integrating Fish and Plant Culture

A detailed guide to the system design, construction, production, management and economics of introducing fauna and flora to an aquaponics system.

AquaponicsPond Management
Fact Sheet
Riparian Buffer Systems for Oklahoma

A three-zone riparian buffer system can be designed to protect water quality from pesticides, nutrients and sediment in runoff from agricultural crop lands.

Aquatic & Terrestrial EcosystemsMunicipalities & Infrastructure WaterPond ManagementWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Common Pond Problems

The simple solutions to the most common pond management problems.

Pond Management
Fact Sheet
Aquatic Weed Management: Herbicides

A reference guide to assist mananagers with their aquatic herbicide selection, application timing and method, herbicide dosages and precautions.

Insects, Pests, and DiseasesPond ManagementWeed ControlWeeds & Invasive PlantsWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet

General information about the different aquaponics systems that are primarily located within greenhouses and are aimed at crop production.

AquaponicsCropsOrganic & SustainablePond Management
Fact Sheet
Getting Started in Aquaculture

Before jumping into fish farming, take an objective look at the benefits and disadvantages involved in the production of aquatic plants and animals.

AquaponicsPond Management
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