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Fact Sheet
Calendar for Land and Pond Management Practices

Helpful tips on how to keep your pond in good condition according to the month.

Pond ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Yellow Grub - A Common Fish Parasite

A general overview of the yellow grub fish parasite and how to eliminate the pest from ponds.

Fish in PondsFish in Streams and LakesFisheriesPond Management
Fact Sheet
Copper Sulfate – An Often Overused Chemical in Pond Management

The risks and management practices of using copper sulfate in ponds in Oklahoma.

Pond ManagementWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
The Pond Owner’s Plea

A first person speech about wanting to understand pond maintenance.

Pond Management
Fact Sheet
Successful Pond Profile – Noble County

Learn from another pond owner’s experience how to repair and manage a pond in need of work.

Aquatic & Terrestrial EcosystemsFish in PondsPond ManagementWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Farm Pond Questions

Commonly asked questions about things like cleaning dirty ponds, dead fish, leaks and much more.

Pond Management
Fact Sheet
Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond?

Dispel worries arising from misunderstandings about aquatic herbicides by learning how to safely utilize them.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticidesPond ManagementWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
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