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Fact Sheet
Responsible Lawn Care: Protection for Your Creek or Lake

How to properly care for your lawn, prevent nutrient pollution and fertilize responsibly, while protecting the environment.

FisheriesPollution, Hazardous Materials, & ContaminationStream & Lake EcologyWater
Fact Sheet
Snags, Cavity Trees and Downed Logs

Learn about the importance of snags, cavity trees and downed logs to the sustainability of certain wildlife species.

FisheriesForestryHabitat ManagementStream & Lake EcologyWildlife
Fact Sheet
Understanding Streams

The essential information landowners need to understand how streams work and their beneficial functions for the environment.

Fish in Streams and LakesFisheriesStream & Lake Ecology
Fact Sheet
Understanding General Stream Adjudications

Understanding water rights and management in Oklahoma and using general stream adjudications as a tool to settle water disputes between the state and tribes.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceAg Policy & RegulationsFisheriesStream & Lake Ecology
Fact Sheet
Natural Stream Restoration and Enhancement

Stream design, stabilization techniques, restoration and the enhancement processes in Oklahoma in relation to reestablishing natural balance of environments.

FisheriesStream & Lake Ecology
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