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Fact Sheet
Yellow Grub - A Common Fish Parasite

A general overview of the yellow grub fish parasite and how to eliminate the pest from ponds.

Fish in PondsFish in Streams and LakesFisheriesPond Management
Fact Sheet
Improve Fishing in Your Pond

Instead of eliminating fish and starting from scratch, pond owners can use this information as a guide for making good choices to improve what they have.

Fish in PondsFisheriesPond ManagementRecreational Fishing
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Responsible Lawn Care: Protection for Your Creek or Lake

How to properly care for your lawn, prevent nutrient pollution and fertilize responsibly, while protecting the environment.

FisheriesPollution, Hazardous Materials, & ContaminationStream & Lake EcologyWater
Fact Sheet
Snags, Cavity Trees and Downed Logs

Learn about the importance of snags, cavity trees and downed logs to the sustainability of certain wildlife species.

FisheriesForestryHabitat ManagementStream & Lake EcologyWildlife
Fact Sheet
Understanding Streams

The essential information landowners need to understand how streams work and their beneficial functions for the environment.

Fish in Streams and LakesFisheriesStream & Lake Ecology
Fact Sheet
Fingerlings for Pond Stocking

A description of important facts for pond owners planning to stock fingerlings into their ponds.

Fish in PondsFish in Streams and LakesFisheriesPond ManagementSmallmouth Bass
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