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Fact Sheet
Duties and Responsibilities of Elected County Officials

An in-depth look at the elected official’s county positions including commissioners, clerk, assessor, treasurer, sheriff, court clerk and district attorney.

Community & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentLeadership & Volunteer Development
Fact Sheet
Rural-Urban Interface Problems and Opportunities

A review of the many problems that farmers and homeowners face possible solutions to help move past those problems.

Community & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
Adopting a County Sales Tax

An overview highlighting the process of adopting county sales tax to try and compensate for any current revenue problems.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceAg Policy & RegulationsCommunity & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentTaxes
Fact Sheet
Measuring Community Retail Activity

A description of pull-factor and sales gap analysis used as tools for the measuring of retail activity in a community.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceCommunity & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentEconomic DevelopmentTaxes
Fact Sheet
How Are Rural Residents Informed of Community Events?

Findings from a survey conducted by the CHNA program looks at media which residents use to learn about events and examine their most effective practices.

Community & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local Government
Fact Sheet
Ad Valorem Taxes

Learn everything you need to know about property taxes, their uses and importance within a community.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceCommunity & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local GovernmentTaxes
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