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2015 Collector's Choice Selection

Black Gum (new improved cultivars)
Black gum is an eastern native growing slowly to 50’ to 60’ or more. They are picturesque shade trees with beautiful summer foliage and gorgeous fall color. 

2015 Tree Selection

Hedge Maple
Hedge maple is a small to medium sized tree slowly growing to 25’ to 35’ high and wide. Because of its small size it is perfect for smaller, urban landscapes and even under utility lines.

2015 Shrub Selection

Barberry, columnar forms
Barberries are, in general, pretty tough and offer a wide variety of leaf color. The newest of forms are the columnar types of shrubs offering a vertical element in the landscape.

2015 Perennial Selection

Volcano series, Garden Phlox
Phlox Volcano® is more compact, fragrant, and powdery mildew tolerant than other garden phlox types. Flower colors range from red, pink, ruby, white, lavender, and purple; flowers may also have eyes of pink, red, or white or are bicolored such as with Lilac Splash.

2015 Annual Selection

Spider Flower (improved varieties)
Spider flower is a unique plant with palmately compound leaves, interesting, fragrant flowers, and an old fashion look. Flower colors come in shades white, pink, blue, and purple. 
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