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Phlox paniculata

Phlox Volcano® is more compact, fragrant, and powdery mildew tolerant than other garden phlox types. Plants develop sturdy stems, 24-28” tall, with deep green leaves and an abundance of large flowers that appear from June to September if plants are cut back after initial bloom. Flower colors range from red, pink, ruby, white, lavender, and purple; flowers may also have eyes of pink, red, or white or are bicolored such as with Lilac Splash. It doesn’t mind most soils, but needs well drained soil; irrigate with soaker or drip irrigation to keep foliage dry. Full sun is the best exposure for Volcano phlox, but it will grow in part shade; too much shade and poor air circulation increases chances of mildew developing, though it still does not seem to inhibit flowering. Once established, phlox is very adaptable. It is grown as an accent, in groups, or masses. It also works well in native plant gardens, wild gardens, meadows, naturalized areas, perennial borders, and cottage style gardens. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the colorful, fragrant flowers.
Exposure: Sun, part shade
Soil: Tolerates about any soil
Hardiness: USDA Zone 4-10
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