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Studies of confinement and pasture management systems for swine.
J.A. Whatley, Jr., I.T. Omtvedt, J.C. Hillier and A.L. Byram.


Creep-Feeding fall calves.
L.R. Kuhlman, A.B. Nelson, and W.D. Campbell.


Stilbestrol implants for fall calves.
A.B. Nelson and L.R. Kuhlman.


Carcass composition as influenced by animal age.
R.L. Henrickson, Bill Blackmon, and Kenneth Urban.


The growth and development of beef calves from weaning to slaughter weight with reference to the effect of plane of nutrition.
J.J. Guenther, L.S. Pope, G.V. Odell, and R.D. Morrison.


Feed lot performance and carcass composition of slaughter cattle as affected by winter feed level of their dams.
D.O. Pinney, L.S. Pope, L.E. Malkus and Dwight Stephens.


Fattening lambs during the summer.
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, and George Waller, Jr.


Observations on the early weaning of creep fed lambs.

Joe V. Whiteman, G.W. Nichols, W.D. Brothers, and Gene Kennedy.


High energy rations for fattening feed lambs.
Don Ely, R.L. Noble, Andy Snider, and George Waller, Jr.


Inheritance of mothering ability in beef cattle.

Charles A. Pratt, Jr., J.A. Whatley, Jr., and Doyle Chambers.


Self-Feeding lambs on wheat pasture.
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, and George Waller, Jr. -back to top- 


Effect of winter plane nutrition on the performance of three-and four-Year-old beef cows.
Don Pinney, L.S. Pope, Carlos Van Cotthem, and Kenneth Urban.


The inheritance of two different types of Dwarfism in beef cattle.
E.J. Turman, B.J. Watkins, Doyle Chambers, and Dwight Stephens.


Lifetime performance of beef cows wintered each year on three different levels.
D.O. Pinney, L.S. Pope, Dwight Stephens, and L.M. Henderson.


Level of wintering fall-calving beef cows.

A.B. Nelson, R.D. Furr, and G.R. Waller.


Effect of alternate low-high or high-low winter feed levels on growth and reproduction of replacement heifers.
D.O. Pinney, L.S. Pope, and D.F. Stephens.


Mineral-vitamin interrelationship in ruminant nutrition.
Allen D. Tillman.


The influence of two levels of feed intake during gestation on the reproductive performance of gilts.
J.C. Hillier, Marvin Heeney, and Ray Washam.


Bermuda grass hay for wintering beef cattle.
A.B. Nelson, W.C. Elder, G.R. Waller, and W.D. Campbell.


Interval of feeding supplemental protein to range beef cows.
A.B. Nelson and W.D. Campbell.


Fattening cattle on “All Barley” rations in Oklahoma.
L.S. Pope, O.F. Harper, Dwight Stephens, and George Waller.


Efficiency of Gains by beef calves as influenced by weight and rate of gain.
Doyle Chambers, Dale Burnett, J.A. Whatley, and D.F. Stephens.


Methods of processing Milo for fattening steer calves.
L.S. Pope, George Waller, George Odell, and W.D. Campbell.

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