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Trace-mineralized salt and Chlortetracycline (Aureomycin) for yearling steers grazing native grass.
A.B. Nelson and L.R. Kuhlman.


Lysine supplementation of rations for sheep.
L.H. Harbers and A.D. Tillman.


Creep feeding fall calves.
L.R. Kuhlman, A.B. Nelson and W.D. Campbell.


Winter feeding studies with beef heifers.
Don Pinney, L.S. Pope, Kenneth Urban and Dwight Stephens.


Studies with sheep receiving compounds having Estrogen activity.
L.H. Harbers and Allen D. Tillman.


A preliminary summary of the performance of raised one-half Dorset vs. purchased western ewes.
Joe V. Whiteman, Don G. Brothers, Rodney B. H Arrington, Richard Pittman, and Gene Kennedy.


Effect of level of wintering fall-calving beef cows and replacement heifers.
R.D. Furr, A.B. Nelson, G.R.Waller, Jr., and W.D. Campbell.


Effect of feeding cottonseed meal at intervals of two, four, and six days to yearling heifers grazing dry range grass.
A.B. Nelson and R.D. Furr.


An evaluation of two methods of measuring external fat on a beef carcass.
L.A. Malkus, R.L. Hendrickson, C.J. Christians, and D.F. Stephens.


Performance records on relatives as aids in selecting boars.
 J.A. Whatley, Jr. 


Practical methods for evaluating a beef carcass.
R.L. Henrickson, L.E. Walters and J.J. Guenther.


The influence of excessive fatness on the performance of beef females.
Robert Totusek, G.L. Holland, Dudley Arnett and E.W. Jones.


Relative value of Bermuda grass hay vs. prairie hay for wintering beef calves.
A.B. Nelson, R.D. Furr, W.C. Elder and G.R. Waller.


Stilbestrol for range beef cattle. 
A.B. Nelson, L.R. Kuhlman, and L.S. Pope.


Nutritional studies with sows and litters in confinement.

J.C. Hillier, Marvin Heeney and J.J. Martin.


Urea in protein supplements for wintering steer calves grazing native grass.
A.B. Nelson, L.R. Kuhlman, G.R. Waller and W.D. Campbell.


Self-Feeding lambs on wheat pasture.
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban and George Waller, Jr.


Fattening beef calves – Supplements to High-Milo and All-Barley Rations, grinding vs. steam rolling Milo, implanting with Different Amounts of Stilbestrol.
L.S. Pope, Kenneth Urban, Fred Harper and George Waller


A study of the Ratio of concentrates to Roughage, replacing alfalfa hay with peanut Hulls, Pelleting vs. a Mixture for fattening lambs in dry-lot.
Robert L. Noble, Kenneth Urban, Gene Kenney and George Waller, Jr.


Progeny testing beef bulls for growth.
Doyle Chambers, Joe B. Armstrong and Dwight F. Stephens.


Feed Prices for 1960-61 Feeders’ Day Report.

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