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Invasion of Oklahoma Rangelands and Forests by Eastern Redcedar and Ashe Juniper

A 1985 survey by the Soil Conservation Service indicated that eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) and ashe juniper (J. ashei) had invaded almost 1.5 million acres in Oklahoma by 1950 and 3.5 million acres by 1985 (Snook 1985). The invasion of native plant communities by juniper species has garnered increasing attention throughout much of the Great Plains and the western states. These junipers are increasing at an alarming rate and the invasion is a threat to the sustainability, productivity, and biological diversity of native ecosystems. This circular discusses eastern redcedar and ashe juniper and how it effects wildlife, ecosystems, water quality, forage production for livestock, rangeland, and also control measures.



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Fact Sheet
Some Properties of Scrim Lumber Manufactured from Eastern Redcedar

Scrim lumber processes and properties for manufacturing long small diameter logs into disintegrated long fiber bundles.

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Fact Sheet
Eastern Redcedar Encroachment and Water: Update of 2010 Research

The background of Eastern Redcedar in relation to water usage, effects of soil nutrient contents and the implication it has on the environment.

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