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Contribution of Agriculture to Oklahoma’s Economy: 2015

Oklahoma agriculture is a significant part of the state’s economy. Oklahoma is known for its wheat and cattle production (being the third largest producing state in the U.S. for winter wheat and the second largest producing state in the U.S. for beef cattle). In 2015, Oklahoma agriculture, defined as the production and processing of commodities in addition to agriculture-related services, directly contributed 175,658 jobs and over $6.7 billion of economic value added to the state’s economy. Because agriculture is linked to other industries in the state through supply chains, an additional 27,001 jobs and $2.7 billion of economic activity can be attributed to this sector. These jobs and output encompass such activities as wholesale purchases, transportation services, financial services and other inputs. Lastly, household consumption (e.g., purchasing groceries, clothing and personal services like haircuts or car maintenance) from income derived from agricultural activities generates another 118,795 jobs and $8.8 billion in economic activity. The total contribution of Oklahoma agriculture to the state’s economy is 321,454 jobs and over $18.2 billion in economic activity, suggesting that 1 in 8 jobs in Oklahoma’s economy is related to agriculture. Agriculture is an important part of Oklahoma’s economy, but it is also valuable to Oklahoma’s future. Agriculture, which uses 76 percent of the state’s land area, is a steward of Oklahoma’s natural resources. It enhances the quality of life to its residents and provides stable supplies of food that are affordable and safe to its citizens, the U.S. and the world.


This report aims to document the contribution agriculture makes to the Oklahoma economy. It will summarize the size of agriculture relative to other industries within the state and it will compare the agriculture sector to neighboring states and the U.S. as a whole. The report will also show how agriculture is connected to other industries within Oklahoma through its purchase of inputs and the household consumption of those who work in agriculture.



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