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Alfalfa Production Guide for the Southern Great Plains

This publication is designed to assist alfalfa producers, Extension Educators, Certified Crop Advisors, and Agriculture Alfalfa Industry to make effective, profitable, and environmentally sound management decisions on alfalfa production and marketing. A special effort was made to integrate all aspects of alfalfa production and to relate the various sections within the overall production framework. In addition, partial budgets were calculated for many of the management alternatives so producers could make some sound management decisions, based on their system. 



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Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Stand Establishment

Helpful tips and resources on how to obtain successful alfalfa stand establishments.

AlfalfaPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Selecting Alfalfa Varieties

A guide for producers to help select an appropriate alfalfa variety to the specific site.

AlfalfaPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Autotoxicity: A Good Reason to Rotate Alfalfa Fields

An explanation of alfalfa autotoxicity and an objective way to assess the issue in contrasting soil-weather scenarios.

AlfalfaPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Stem Nematode

The symptoms, detection, control, and management of alfalfa stem nematode is explained here.

AlfalfaInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPastures & Forage
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