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Family and Consumer Sciences is an applied field of study that offers solutions to problems faced by individuals, families, and communities. Programs focus on the welfare of individuals and families by improving their quality of life. All programs emphasize life skills crucial to effective development and management of human resources.

2023 Programming

Pre-registration is required. For more information, contact Stacey Jones, FCS Educator, or call (918) 746-3706. Other classes maybe added during the year or if class gets filled up. Listed below are the classes offered:

  • Spices and Herbs – March 15th – $5 and limit of 20 participants
  • Drying – April 12th – $10 and limit of 10 participants
  • Jelly Canning – May 24th – $25 and limit of 8 participants
  • Jam Canning – June 14th – $25 and limit of 8 participants
  • Salsa Canning - July 5th – $25 and limit of 8 participants
  • Pressure Canning - Aug 9th – $25 and limit of 8 participants


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Pressure Canner Gauge Testing
The OSU Extension Office can check the Gauge on a Pressure Canner to ensure it is reading accurately at 5, 11 and 15 pounds pressure. Accuracy of a gauge can assist in proper processing. Under processed food can pose a food safety issue for self stability.  Over processed foods can cause quality issue for your product.


Call the Extension Office ahead of time to make sure the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator is available to check your equipment, or drop off your lid with gauge attached. 


Use reliable Food Preservation Resources to ensure your garden produce is Food Safe for your family all year long.  Not every recipe you see has been tested for self-life.  The most up-to-date preservation research was published in 2009. Home canning can be a delicious and nutritious option for your family, but make sure you are not introducing food borne illness along with it!


The National Center for Home Food Preservation website has detailed recipes, educational resources and teaching videos for those interested in Home Food Preservation.



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