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Master Gardner Program

Have you heard of the Master Gardner Program? It is a 10 week course hosted by the Extension Office. Class participants will meet once a week for a 4 hour class for 10 weeks. Upon graduation participants will become a certified Master Gardner. If you are interested, please contact the office for more information regarding the next class or classes being held in neighboring counties.


We will post our next class when it is available on both our website and our Ottawa County Facebook page.


Master Cattleman Program

The Master Cattleman Program is a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to enhance participants’ proficiency in beef cattle production and business management, ultimately facilitating improved profitability and quality of life for beef cattle producers. The program began in 2004 and equips participants with research-based information on all aspects of beef production, business planning, risk management and marketing.


Producers must complete a minimum of 28 hours of instruction from the Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual plus a final evaluation. The core curriculum consists of 16 hours across the following areas:
  • Business planning and management
  • Marketing and risk management
  • Nutrition and management
  • Quality assurance and animal health
  • Natural resources
  • Genetics and reproduction
An additional 12 hours of elective chapters are chosen at the county level to meet credit requirements. This course is often structured to be a mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on learning opportunities. The base cost for the program is $175. Additional fees may be charged locally to cover costs of other materials supplied. Participants receive the Beef Cattle Manual, instructional materials, and if all program requirements are completed, a producer certificate, a personalized Master Cattleman farm gate sign, and a notebook embossed with the Master Cattleman logo.

We will post our next class when it is available on both our website and our Ottawa County Facebook page.


What is Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association?

Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association is the voice of Oklahoma's cattle producers!
The primary focus of the OCA continues to be representing the interests of Oklahoma's cattlemen at the Oklahoma Legislature. The OCA has continued an aggressive course of action supporting proactive legislation and challenging anti-industry legislation and regulations. The presence of the OCA has been heard and felt at the Oklahoma legislature and the U.S. Congress. The OCA exists to support and defend the state and nation's beef cattle industry. The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line.



  • TO ADVOCATE for Oklahoma's cattle producers at the Oklahoma Legislature, the U.S. Congress and dozens of other government bodies;

  • EDUCATE our members on current rules and regulations, as well as the latest developments in research and production techniques to maximize profitability;

  • TO COMMUNICATE with the public, through close relationships with the media, the plight of the beef industry

  • TO PROVIDE a forum of discussion and development of positions and policies to benefit the industry, the state and the nation. Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association website


Ottawa Craig County Cattlemen's Association 

Watch the OCCCA Facebook page for meetings and events!


Scholarship Criteria:

Preference will be given but not limited to a son/daughter or grandchild of a current Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association member or current member of the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen’s Association.  All applicants must be a graduating high school senior in the spring of the current year with definite plans to attend college or a university.  


The scholarships will be presented during the recipients’ school awards ceremony or graduation ceremony.  Two-$1000 scholarships will be awarded one winner from each county. 


Quarterly Agriculture Newsletters


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