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The mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program is to provide Oklahoma youth, families, and communities with educational programs that will create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. In support of this mission we will:

  • Provide community-based experiential learning through clubs, school enrichment, special interest programs, and mass media.
  • Help youth develop skills that will benefit them throughout life.
  • Foster leadership and volunteerism for youth and adults.
  • Build internal and external partnerships for programming and resource development.
  • Strengthen families and communities.
  • Use research-based knowledge and the land grant university system and other sources

Teen 4-H Officer Application & Duties

  • President
    • Prepare an agenda with the assistance of the other officers & 4-H leader in coordinating club business.
    • Presides at all business meetings
    • Call the meeting to order on time and adjourns the meeting
    • Keep the meeting on schedule
    • Appoints committees and establishes a sense of a team for the club
    • Consults with adult 4-H volunteers and county Extension staff
    • Attend to such duties as necessary to carry out the club 4-H program.
  • Vice President
    • Provides leadership in the President's absence
    • Coordinates committees
    • May be responsible for educational programs at club meetings
    • Promote the 4-H club program by speaking to civic groups, 4-H groups, and
    4- H leaders
    • Perform all duties delegated to him/her by the President
  • Secretary
    • Keeps written minutes of all meetings and attendance and participation records
    • Writes correspondence, monthly reports and activity reports as needed or delegated by the other officers or club leader
    • Submits Secretary Book to 4-H Leader for submission to the County Extension Office
  • Reporter
    • Works closely with the 4-H leader and County Extension staff
    • Write and submit news articles to the local newspapers about club events and activities
    • May be asked to submit club articles for the county 4-H newsletter
  • Song Leader/ Recreation Leader
    • Select songs or activities in advance of meetings
    • Lead the club in group singing and recreational activities
    • Promotes enthusiasm through games and songs at 4-H Club meeting and other activities
    • Encourage group involvement of all 4-H members at all activities
    • Assist in county-wide singing and recreational activities

Other Resources

Forms, documents and applications of Garvin County 4-H

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