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The Agriculture issue team is agri-science. The goal of this issue team is for young people to excel in agri-science and develop critical life skills. A list of the programs offered through the agri-science issue team can be found below.


Ag Newsletters





Programs Available

  • Plant and Soil Sciences
    • Soil, Forage and Feed Analysis
    • Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Management
    • Grain crop and forage crop consultation
    • Provide research-based information on fertility management, establishment, weed control, variety selection, harvest management and crop testing.


  • Animal Science
    • Research-based information on Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, Poultry and Goat management and production (Feeding management, Health, Reproduction)
    • Feed and Forage Analysis—Tests for Toxins (Nitrate and Prussic Acid) and for Nutritional information in feeds and forages


  • Agricultural Economics
    • Budgeting, Farm Financial Planning, Land, Equipment and Livestock Rental Information
    • IFMAPS—Intensive Financial Planning
    • Quicken Training
    • Time for a Change on the Family Farm—Program offered for Farm Families in Transition




Master Gardeners

  • Garfield County Master Gardeners

    Garfield County Master Gardeners are volunteers for the OSU Extension in service to Enid and surrounding areas. Master Gardeners are required to complete the Oklahoma Master Gardener Training Program. We perform speaking engagements, workshop demonstrations and answer gardening questions for homeowners Monday through Friday. Each spring the Garfield County Master Gardeners organize a garden tour of home gardens in the Enid area. For more information call 580-237-1228.

  • Master Gardener Training Information

    Master Gardener Training Includes: 

    • 40+ hours of training 
    • Training from the top Oklahoma State University Horticulture staff and other horticulture specialists
    • Training is offered every other year beginning in the fall of odd numbered years. 
    • Top Training in plant science, entomology, plant pathology, organic gardening, vegetable gardening, fruit culture, pecans, annuals, woody ornamentals, turf management, foliage plants, pest control, basic landscaping, soil fertility, plant identification and usage of common landscape plants. 
    • Notebooks and best horticulture reference available
      • Fact sheets, bulletins, and other data
      • New information from specialists
      • Information for our area and climate
    • Complete soil test 
    • Continued updating 
    • One hundred dollar ($100) registration fee - Covers the cost of literature and reference material the Master Gardener will receive to take home. 
  • Master Gardener Volunteer Information

    After classes are completed, 20 hours of volunteer service is required to obtain Master Gardener Certification.


    To obtain Master Gardener certification, Master Gardeners are required to complete 20 volunteer hours and 20 hours of education are required annually. 


    Educational & Volunteer Hours Guidelines


    Volunteer Hours Log

  • Master Gardener Newsletters





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