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Welcome to the Caddo County 4-H Program. The 4-H mission is to help young people become motivated, productive and contributing members of society as they “learn by doing.” 4-H members, parents and volunteers are encouraged to communicate with the 4-H staff. We are always happy to help you.


What is 4-H?

4-H is the largest youth organization in the nation, open to youth grades 3rd - 12th grades, and administered by OSU Extension. Through 4-H, youth learn valuable life skills that enable them to grow into productive citizens.  Through hands-on learning opportunities in many different areas of interest, youth develop critical thinking skills, gain self-confidence, set and achieve goals, and learn responsibility.


Although 4-H is deeply rooted in agricultural practices, it's not cows, plows and sows anymore. Today's 4-H youth can still be found showing steers, but also using GPS units, teaching others about drug and alcohol prevention, traveling, taking photographs and giving speeches.


4-H offers fun and unique opportunities to enhance life skills through age-appropriate activities. Youth also have the opportunity to be part of the county officers and ambassadors, a team specifically for youth grades 7th to 12th that meet for service projects and fun outings. Junior 4-H members, grades 3rd - 6th, can attend 4-H camp and Jr Roundup by earning points through participation in 4-H activities throughout the year. For those youth ages 5 to 7, the Cloverbud program provides an introduction to 4-H activities through a non-competitive format.


What is a 4-H Club?

A 4-H club is a group of young people and adults who meet regularly for fun and learning. Clubs are usually made up of families from a community and often formed around schools, churches or community centers. Most clubs hold monthly meetings attended by members and their parents. Club members elect officers who lead the group and the meetings. An adult club leader advises the officers. The meetings usually last less than two hours. The time is equally divided among club business, recreation and educational programs. A well-organized 4-H club meeting provides opportunities for every member to be involved.


2020-2021 4-H Enrollment

This year the Caddo County 4-H Foundation will be paying $10 of the $20 membership
fee for Caddo County 4-H Members. First of all do not pay with a credit card online, you will need to pay your membership fee directly to your volunteer leader. When you do enroll online select the payment option ‘County/Club 4H Check’. This discount ends October 31st. There are also new member and returning member help sheets for online enrollment on the new Caddo County website.  Both new members and returning members can enroll in 4-H.


2020 Caddo County 4-H Officers

Caddo County 4-H Officer Elections were held on September 23rd at the OSU Extension Office and some clubs attended by Zoom.   New officers for 2020-2021 are: President - Maci Whitney, Vice President - Brooklyn Matlock, Secretary - Gracie Farmer, Reporter - Haley McConnell, Recreation Leader - Jennica Williams.  Congratulations to our officer team!


WAC 2020

What we call WAC (West Action Conference) where we normally travel to a hotel for a 3 day conference;  this year will be a little different.   We will get together as a Caddo County Group (POD) and we will meet virtually with the other counties in the West District.   It is for 7th Grade to 12th Grade 4-H Members.  We will meet at either the OSU Ext Office or the Fairgrounds (depending on the number of participants) on October 16th at 8 am and meet until 4:00 pm.   We will wear masks and social distance and try to stay safe.   2020 WAC should be fun, there is no cost to attend and even the T-Shirt is free.  Send an email to David Nowlin to get the Registration Link.


Record Book Information

It is highly recommended that all 4-H members complete a Record Book each year. For information on which type of record book to complete, deadlines, and awards available view the Caddo County 4-H Record Book Information.


4-H Newsletters


Questions?  Please feel free to call the Caddo County OSU Extension Office at (405) 247-3376 or contact us by email; David Nowlin at .

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