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Fact Sheet
What is Clean in Place (CIP)?

By Timothy J. Bowser. Learn the history, fundamentals, validated procedures and the future of Clean-in-Place.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & Safety
Fact Sheet
Ayuda! Creo que tengo chinches de cama

Learn how to identify bed bugs in the household and use different strategies to remove and control the pest.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & SafetyHome SafetyIndoor Insects & PestsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
Recycle Your Clothes and Fabrics

A guide on how to properly reuse and recycle clothing in order to reduce waste and increase environmental sustainability.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & Safety
Fact Sheet
Recycled Household Textiles and Clothing

The global benefits of recycling in relation to the economy and the recommended ways to dispose of and reuse unwanted textiles.

Cleaning & Textile CareHome Care & SafetyRecyclingWaste Management
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