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Fact Sheet
Feeding Wheat to Hogs

How the role nutrient contents in wheat as part of a swine diet makes it an ideal ingredient in swine rations.

CropsGrains & OilseedsLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock NutritionPigs, Hogs, SwineWheat
Fact Sheet
Postweaning Evaluation Programs for Beef Bulls

The performance testing programs and objectives to measure the genetic performance of beef bulls.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock Nutrition
Fact Sheet
Internal Parasite Control in Sheep in Oklahoma

A guide for sheep producers in Oklahoma to learn principles that can decrease losses caused by parasites in their flocks.

LivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock Pest ManagementSheep
Fact Sheet
Nutritional Concerns for Exercising Horses

Learn how to maximize the nutritional impact on exercise and breeding programs that produce and maintain the desired equine athlete.

HorsesLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock Nutrition
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma SUPERGOLD Q&A: Late-season Supplementation Program for Stocker Cattle

A series of questions and answers regarding the formulation and application of the Oklahoma Super Gold program.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock NutritionStocker Cattle
Fact Sheet
Equine Infectious Anemia

An explanation of the dangers and control methods of infectious anemia in horses.

HorsesLivestockLivestock Health & DiseaseLivestock Health, Disease & Nutrition
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