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Fact Sheet
Aerobic Treatment System

An explanation of the uses and functions of an Aerobic Treatment System and a list of components requiring regular maintenance.

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Fact Sheet
Understanding Your Irrigation Water Test Report

The irrigation water test provides crop owners a comprehensive analysis of water suitability and the first step to irrigation development.

Home & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Understanding Your Household Water Test Report

The household water test provides home owners evaluate water quality and determine treatment needs and costs.

Home & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Agricultural Irrigation with Reclaimed Water: Oklahoma Regulation

Material and information on things to consider when planning to reuse water for irrigation, its uses and Oklahoma specific regulations.

Municipalities & Infrastructure WaterWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Water Quality Series: Riparian Forest Buffers

The benefits and functions of riparian areas specifically found in Oklahoma.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Quality
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